Recent Before & After Photos

Heavy Cigar/Cigarette Smoke Cleaning

We were very successful at removing very dark smoke residue from the walls and ceiling of this home after years of heavy cigarette/cigar usage. This is sometime... READ MORE

Commercial Floor Cleaning

We were able to remove machine dust, dirt and grime from the flooring of this commercial building with our dedicated SERVPRO Floor Cleaning Products and great t... READ MORE

Fire Damage Demo

This fire occurred in a Laundry room. Parts of walls had to be removed. We were able to remove the fire damaged drywall, the affected insulation and the damaged... READ MORE

Mold Remediation on Wood Rafters

Every mold situation is unique. As these pictures show, this mold was in an attic. The before and after pictures are dramatic. You can see how the mold is re... READ MORE

Sewage Back-up

This sewage back-up was the result of a clogged floor drain. There was some discussion about whether this was the homeowner's line and problem or whether the Ci... READ MORE

Saturated Ceiling from Sink Overflow

The wet ceiling was caused by the customer leaving a bathroom faucet on for several hours. Eventually, the sink got plugged up and caused the sink to overflow ... READ MORE